Think Act Change

On Tuesday night I had the opportunity to join over 200 Sydneysiders and an expert panel at Think Act Change to discuss what sustainability actually is. It is a question all leaders should be asking.

I believe creating sustainable communities is absolutely vital. A city like ours needs long term planning and vision to ensure that we aren't putting our future in jeopardy. There are lots of way the City is taking practical, but ambitious action.

We are investing millions of dollars to take parts of our city of the coal-fired energy grid. We'll create local trigeneration to provide electricity, heating and cooling and we will be installing solar PV on 30 of our properties.

You might have seen our new LED street lights. Making the switch to LED not only slashes our carbon pollution, it will save us around $800,000 each year.

A sustainable city needs more transport options which can reduce congestion. That's why we're creating a network of safe and accessible bike paths to make cycling an option for more people. We've also nurtured car share as an option for the inner city and the most recent research shows one car share space can replace the need for as many as 12 car parking spaces.

I've also championed a light rail network for Sydney. We have set aside $180 million to help make light rail along George Street a reality, and I hope the State Government will see this as the beginning of a network that will stretch to the east, south and west.

To read my speech from Tuesday night:

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