Three Proud People Mural

Newtown's Three Proud People mural will be listed by the City of Sydney as a heritage item.


The Three Proud People mural is on the side of a terrace at 39 Pine Street, Newtown. The mural was painted just before the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and is a replica of a famous photo of American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos giving a Black Power Salute, and Australian track athlete Peter Norman standing with them at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.

In the course of a campaign to save homes in Leamington Avenue and Pine Street, Newtown, the City began discussions on whether or not to mural should be conserved.

Heritage consultants for the City said the mural was significant to local community. Their report to Council said "the Mural is a tribute to one of the most controversial moments in the Olympic history and relates to the Sydney Olympics due to its painting in the lead up to the Games. Since then the Mural became part of the local community as a reminder of the 1968 Mexico City Olympics."

Having the mural listed as a heritage item means that it cannot be removed or altered.

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