Time for green leaders to stand up

Last summer in Sydney we had our hottest day on record, hitting 46 degrees. We have just lived through the warmest winter in 150 years, with the average daily temperature rarely dropping below 20 degrees.

This week, bushfires in the outskirts of Sydney show that we should be bracing for another scorching summer of heat waves, drought and fire. Yet political leadership on climate change still seems to be evaporating.

That's why I was so pleased to open the Green Leaders Summit this week. The Summit brought together the sustainability leaders from the UN, governments, businesses and NGOs for an inspiring and thought provoking collaboration.

I hope everyone who attended came away with a renewed determination to take effective and innovation action on climate change.

The City of Sydney is taking big steps to tackle climate change, and we have bold plans to boost renewable energy, reduce water wastage and make our city an even greener place with thousands of new trees. I explained these plans to CNN at the end of last week.

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