Together we kept Sydney independent

On Saturday tens of thousands of people exercised their democratic right and elected a new City Government. Once again the people of Sydney strongly endorsed our vision of a city that is green, global and connected.

This is a vote for progressive and responsible governance, for making Sydney a great place to live, work and visit, and for action on climate change.

I have been re-elected as Lord Mayor with four other Councillors giving us a majority with my casting vote. I will be joined on Council by Robert Kok, Robyn Kemmis, John Mant and Jenny Green.

A special thanks to Nell Schofield, Claudia Bowman, Alex Greenwich and John Hutchinson who might not be joining us on Council but whose dedication and energy made our team's success possible.

I am so proud to have stood with this group of independents - they are all experienced, passionate and proven city advocates.

Our result wouldn't have been possible without the many volunteers who donated their time and effort to helping our grassroots campaign.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who turned out on Saturday to work on polling booths. Some were at their booths before 6am to set up, and others stayed back past 9pm to watch votes being counted (some did both!).

I'd also like to pay tribute to all the people who worked so hard behind the scenes, including the staff from our campaign office and our fundraising team.

This campaign was my first where social media played a significant role - as a kind of digital door knocking.

I was overwhelmed after the election to see the thousands of positive tweets, likes, status updates, Instagrams and comments, with lots still rolling in.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

During this campaign we received more donations than any other previous election - a remarkable $175,000, predominantly in micro donations - the most common was $50, the smallest $5.

I am so inspired by all of you who donated, volunteered time, told your stories or just stood up and publically said you supported a progressive Sydney Government.

This is our win and I am honoured to be serving as your Lord Mayor for another four years.

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