Traffic solutions for south Paddington

On Monday night Council will consider a development application at 1 Newcombe Street, Paddington, following careful review to ensure any development proceeds with minimal impact on the residents, schools and childcare in the precinct.

The DA proposal is for the construction of a two to three storey mixed use development including a 509 square metre retail store, 20 residential apartments and 80 car parking spaces, increasing to 110 spaces on market days, in two basement levels at 1 Newcombe Street, Paddington.

During the development application process the proposal has been significantly re-worked by reducing the retail floor area, providing residential dwellings fronting Gordon Street and providing a new private road on the site for servicing and delivery vehicles.

Local residents came to the last Council committee meeting to express their concerns about additional traffic.

I had previously discussed the issue with residents and share their concerns about serious traffic impacts in south Paddington. Under current arrangements, vehicles will be channelled past Paddington Public School, St Francis of Assisi Primary School and the Paddington Children's Centre, and along residential streets, rather than from nearby Oxford Street.

Residents have requested delivery and service vehicles for the shop to access the site from Oxford Street by opening up an existing road closure at the end of Newcombe Street and installing a new road closure at the other end of the street in its place. This has widespread support by the applicant, the Uniting Church, the Councillors and the community.

This solution will require approvals from relevant state authorities to undertake these works. I have written to the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure asking that he request the Minister for Local Government and the Minister for Roads ensure approvals are provided quickly by their relevant agencies.

The proposed solution has been discussed at length with the developer and the local community. All parties have devoted significant time and goodwill in their efforts to deliver a sensible planning outcome.

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