Transforming George Street and its laneways

On Monday, Council will consider the draft George Street Urban Design Study which was prepared with internationally renowned Jan Gehl Architects. The study looks at future options for George Street.

George Street should help define our city centre and be a global icon which attracts people to Sydney. As the spine of our city connecting Central Station and Chinatown to Circular Quay and The Rocks, George Street should be an inviting space, accessible to everyone.

At present it's overloaded, noisy and choked with slow moving buses and cars. Private vehicles and taxis fill the remaining lanes, bringing the city centre to a virtual standstill.

Well integrated light rail running through the middle of the street, trees and landscaping to provide shade and great street furniture to give people places to stop, relax and linger will transform George Street.

The revitalisation of ten laneways off George Street will build on work already completed in Ash Street and Angel Place and Kimber Lane and Little Hay Street providing nooks-and-crannies for new art, street life and boutique businesses - making George Street an inviting, interesting space.

Following on from the Chinatown and Harbour Village North public domain studies, the draft George Street Urban Design Study is the third in a series of reports that recommend the scope, location and extent of public domain improvements into the future.

If the report is approved by Council, the City plans to commission detailed surveys of George Street and investigate alternatives for lighting, paving, infrastructure, planting, public art and street furniture.

The City is preparing an extensive consultation program with businesses and property owners, State Government bodies and tourism groups.

To read the study in full click HERE.

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