I am working to create better transport options for Sydney. More than 1 million trips are made within the City of Sydney each day. To function as a global city, Sydney needs more transport options.

We have limited space on our roads, so we need to use the space as efficiently as possible. Congestion on our roads already costs our economy around $4 billion year.

By investing in public transport and better options for people to walk and cycle, we can unlock congestion and get our city moving.

After years of lobbying, the NSW Government is now working with the City of Sydney to deliver light rail through the city centre, from

Circular Quay to Central Station, across to Moore Park and beyond.

More than 90 per cent of all trips within the City are made on foot, so we're helping to create better options for pedestrians.

We have a growing network of safe, separated cycleways which you can read more about here.

These changes are the result of long-term planning and careful decision making. Our report, Connecting our City, provides a blueprint for the improvements we are making.

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