Update on Planning Controls for the Ashmore Estate

The City will recommend scaling back height controls directed by the Department of Planning, after independent research showed it would place an unacceptable burden on Erskineville.

The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure directed the City to exhibit planning controls that significantly increased the density and height of two sites in the Ashmore Estate. We received over 500 submissions objecting to the increases.

The City has assessed those submissions and carried out additional technical studies to understand the impacts of the revised planning controls. These studies show the changes will lead to unacceptable traffic, urban design impacts and flooding.

The City arrived at its preferred controls through a process that has heavily involved the local community. I believe this new Minister is keen on going through the proper processes and hearing from the community.

The City's planners will recommend the original controls for Ashmore be endorsed when the City Plan goes to Council. It will go to the Planning Minister for a final decision.


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