Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney kicks off this week, bringing light and colour, sounds and ideas to the city centre.

The City has been a supporter of Vivid since the first festival was held in 2009. Vivid has been very successful, managing to grow in scale and in audience each year.

The evolution of Vivid has been crucial in its success. The addition of talks and live performance has helped it become an event with wide appeal for locals and for visitors.

As part of Vivid Ideas, the biggest ever fastBREAK event will be on this Sunday morning at the Powerhouse Museum. Ten speakers, including Alex Greenwich MP, will be tackling the modest subject of saving the world.

If you're planning to see the artwork along the foreshore, catch a band, or listen to an inspiring talk, the best way to get in, around and out of the city will be public transport. Visit the Vivid Sydney website for more details.

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