Walking strategy on public exhibition

Our walking strategy sets out our plan to make walking even easier and more attractive for residents, workers and visitors, and is now on public exhibition.

We want to continue our work to create a more accessible city that is easier for everyone to move around. This will help boost our health and the local economy.

Walking already accounts for 92 per cent of trips in the city centre - and with the number of people living and working in the city set to grow over the next 20 years, it's important to find ways to make walking an attractive option for more people.

We've already invested $50 million to improve the appearance and safety of the most popular walking routes in the city with upgraded footpaths and improved lighting. We're now spending a further $10 million on a wayfinding network that will clearly direct people to landmarks and other places of interest.

Some of the actions in the strategy include:

  • Creating at least five kilometres of additional pedestrianised streets and laneways;
  • Rolling out improved pedestrian lighting and footpath networks;
  • Developing local walking maps; and
  • Working with the NSW Government to improve pedestrian waiting times at crossings.

You can read the strategy and give us your feedback at sydneyyoursay.com.au/walking-strategy

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