Want a green roof or wall?

Across Sydney, green roofs and walls are sprouting in offices and homes - see this map - because as well as looking beautiful, they can cut energy use, improve air quality and even produce food that is as local as can be.

If you're interested but don't know where to start, the City of Sydney is running a workshop this Saturday.

Get expert guidance on the steps to put a green roof on your home, learn which types of roofs are available and what will work best for you, see what design features and building specifications to consider and how much they might cost, and learn all about watering, maintenance, troubleshooting and how to get started.

It's at the Coronation Centre, Prince Alfred Park, and costs $30. Make a booking by clicking here or call Tessa on 9246 7301.

Since last June, the City of Sydney has promoted green roofs and walls as part of broader efforts to green Sydney.


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