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Stop WestConnex – Sydney needs reliable, extensive public transport 

St Peters Interchange

Community anger is rising against the dangerous mess of toll roads being forced onto our city. By pushing ahead with WestConnex, NSW Premier Berejiklian is missing an opportunity to be truly visionary and revolutionise the way we travel around our city.

Other global cities stopped investing in motorways years ago. After looking at the evidence and listening to their communities, they have prioritised extensive, fast and reliable public transport networks.

We all want to live in a city we can be proud of and Sydney is at a pivotal moment in its history. Recent debates about our increasing population have put a renewed focus on the long term planning needed to figure out how we will move around and interact with our city in the future.

WestConnex represents a city that is not planning for the future, but investing billions of dollars in motorway that will actually set back our city’s development for years.  

Stage 3 is the most destructive part of the project, this line hand drawn on a map to tie two road projects together is literally tearing up our city and inner suburbs. We’ve already lost 1,000 trees and many homes and heritage buildings.

It threatens to do the same in the North Shore and South Coast, too, as Stage 3 of WestConnex is only justified on the basis of being needed to build the Beaches Link to Balgowlah and the F6 to Waterfall and beyond. No business case has been released for these future extensions – but communities are in uproar about the environmental and lifestyle impacts these roads will cause.

The Government continues to push through Stage 3, even though they have no funding and no way of building it. Public roads are being privatised with excessive tolls that are only set to rise as the Government tries to raise enough revenue to build even more toll roads. It’s the commuters and future generations who are set to suffer the most – by the time the toll period ends, the children of today would have retired.

The whole situation may seem hopeless, but it is not too late to stop Stage 3 – construction hasn’t started and the Premier could still stop this in its tracks. 

Instead of leaving our city stuck in the past, let’s make evidence-based and visionary decisions for our future. By bringing forward the Sydney Metro West, we can give communities in the West a real choice on their commute. We can pressure the Premier to take the tax off the airport line, and support light rail between Green Square and the city centre.

Our community needs to speak up for the future we see, a city for future generations to be proud of, and we need to stand together to achieve it. Join me and help demand change of the Government.