Pouring more traffic onto Euston Road

The NSW Government plans to push an additional 60,000 cars through your local area on a daily basis, turning Euston Road, McEvoy Street, Lachlan Street and Dacey Avenue in Alexandria into a seven lane highway to Anzac Parade.

Although the City has no direct input – that’s limited to Roads and Maritime Services and Sydney Motorway Corporation – we are supporting affected communities and groups opposing WestConnex, providing resources and information about the project and how they can help stop it.

Euston.PNGMore congestion on local streets

Traffic will spill from this proposed motorway and drive further gridlock on the area’s local streets, carving up communities and negatively impacting on our health and wellbeing.

I have asked City staff to fast-track analysis on the impacts of WestConnex on local traffic in your area and we will consult with you about all measures – including road closures, traffic calming and the mid-block closure of Lawrence Street – that are recommended in the study to help protect communities.

Shocking tree loss

Even though designs and plans for the motorway have not been finalised, trees are already being cut down along the proposed route. 79 trees were cut down in Euston Road, between Maddox Street and Sydney Park Road, which had provided critical noise barriers for residents and their homes as well as absorbing carbon dioxide.

We are confident we can protect the trees in the middle section on Euston Road alongside Sydney Park, and we are fighting to protect the trees on the northern end.

Health and amenity impacts

The proposal would send heavy traffic to within a metre of people’s homes, filling the atmosphere with ultra-fine carcinogenic particles from diesel fumes, which the World Health Organisation says “belong in the same potentially deadly category as asbestos, arsenic and mustard gas”.

The City has not received any information about this proposed action. The NSW Government’s response to residents’ serious concerns has been to propose sealing up wall vents and installing noise-insulation and air conditioning units in affected apartment blocks.

Inadequate consultation

Sydney Motor Corporation offered only nine hours for residents to question WestConnex staff about the New M5 Urban Design and Landscape Plan – a 583 page document that includes a proposal for the public space and supposed public parkland within the St Peters Interchange.

On behalf of residents, I requested more time and another four information sessions and my request was refused.

What can you do?

I encourage you to take action by raising your concerns with the NSW Government. Here is a list of Ministers you could phone or write to:

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian
GPO Box 5341
P: (02) 8574 5000
Web contact.

The Hon. Stuart Ayres, MP
Minister for WestConnex
GPO Box 5341
P: (02) 8574 6500
Web contact.

The Hon. Andrew Constance MP
Minister for Transport
GPO Box 5341
P: (02) 8574 5807
Web contact.

The Hon. Melinda Pavey
Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight
GPO Box 5341
P: (02) 8574 7300
Web contact.

Please be assured we will continue to advocate against these developments. If you would like to speak to my staff more information on Euston Rd and WestConnex, you can contact Justin McKee on 9265 9229.