WestConnex - a disaster for the east and west

The future of the Bays Precinct urban redevelopment is in doubt after new images of a massive spaghetti style interchange being planned for Rozelle as part of the WestConnex project were revealed.

Click to read the SMH story on the new interchange.

Click to read the SMH story on the new interchange.

Neighbourhoods around the Rozelle interchange including Lilyfield, Rozelle, Leichhardt, Annandale and Glebe, will be severely impacted with flyovers and off ramps pouring traffic onto local roads.

The Government's own documents make it clear that congestion will increase on the ANZAC and Sydney Harbour bridges as a direct result, overwhelming these vital links.

This just reinforces that WestConnex is a disaster for our city - east and west.

The massive spaghetti style interchange planned for Rozelle threatens the future of the Bays Precinct urban redevelopment - instead of a thriving digital hub, we'll get congested roads and polluting vent stacks.

An interchange planned for Camperdown will overwhelm Broadway and Parramatta Road with increased traffic. If it's built, WestConnex will have a disastrous impact on the people who live and work in the inner city and inner west. It will massively worsen congestion and severely impact air quality.

A new report shows that any benefits of the $16.8 billion-plus WestConnex motorway will be outweighed by its spiraling costs and the worsening congestion it will deliver to local roads.

The independent report - commissioned by the City of Sydney from SGS Economics and Planning - dismisses the Updated Strategic Business Case released by the NSW Government as 'a confused document filled with contradictions".

At $16.8 billion, WestConnex is nearly triple the combined cost of recent motorways built in Sydney - the M4, M5, Harbour Tunnel, M2 and Eastern Distributor would cost $6.1 billion in total in today's dollars.

Additional stages of WestConnex under development could see the total cost reach more than $30 billion. This makes it one of the most expensive road projects ever undertaken in the world. So you'd hope it comes with some big returns!

But the estimates show that most drivers will only save less than five minutes and the road network around the toll road and some sections of the tunnel will reach capacity as soon as 2031, only eight years after completion.

The figures also show that on key corridors, public transport is quicker than driving and will be in the future.

It is an appalling return especially when you consider what else that money could be spent on - public transport which is so badly needed in western Sydney, land for homes, schools and hospitals.

It's time for all construction work on this project to be suspended until the Government can prove that WestConnex provides NSW taxpayers with a better return on the billions being invested on it than potentially cheaper options such as public transport or demand management.

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