WestConnex - a tunnel to a traffic jam

Around the world, governments are embracing the need to invest in 21st century transport solutions.

But here in NSW, the Government is rushing ahead with WestConnex - a $12 billion last century road project that will make congestion worse. Based on the scant information the Government has made public, WestConnex will make Sydney congestion worse.

It widens and extends existing motorways, doing nothing more than building a tunnel to a traffic jam. As it is currently funded and designed, WestConnex won't even achieve its original aims - better connecting Sydney's ports and offering an opportunity to revitalise Parramatta Road.

If you are concerned about the impact of this out-dated and poorly-planned roadway, and the future of our city, please join me at 1pm this Sunday in Newtown. Visit https://www.facebook.com/westconnexactiongroup to see more details.

A major new interchange for WestConnex will exit at Sydney Park. There will be tunnels, ramps, portals, ventilation stacks, and four-lane roads with fast moving traffic on people's doorsteps.

WestConnex will mean more traffic will be directed into Green Square, which is already experiencing serious congestion because of the NSW Government's failure to commit to adequate public transport.

It will also put more traffic on King Street, one of Sydney's most successful main streets, and into neighbourhoods around the St Peter's interchange including Newtown, Erskineville, Alexandria, Waterloo, Redfern.

In December, the NSW Auditor-General was extremely critical of the conflicts of interest and the shockingly poor quality of the business case for WestConnex, which he described as having "many deficiencies, and fell well short of the standard required". Because the Government could not provide essential information about WestConnex, the Auditor-General could not assess whether the project was even economically or financially viable.

I have called on the NSW Government to release all relevant information on the project, including the full business case, all traffic assessments, and the proposed sites for portals and ventilation stacks, so that before the next state election in March people know what the real justification for WestConnex is.

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