Here are three things we know:

  1. When we create safe, separated cycleways, more people ride;
  2. More cyclists mean fewer people on already overcrowded public transport and more space on the road for those who need to drive; and
  3. The inner west is growing quickly, and we need to improve transport connections for this community.

That’s why City staff proposed creating a cycling corridor along Wilson and Burren Streets – connecting cyclists coming from Erskineville and Newtown with the city. It's an integral link in Sydney's Cycling Future, the State Government's plan to connect all of Sydney with cycling routes.

I'm excited to announce that Council has approved the scope of this project, and staff will now get on with designing then constructing our newest bike lane!

When we took this proposal to the community, some of you were concerned about loss of parking and the safety of cyclists and pedestrians at Macdonaldtown Station. We held a huge community consultation to make sure we got this project right, with 3,840 residents sent a letter about the plans, five face-to-face engagement sessions, door-knocking neighbouring properties and online surveys via our web portal, SydneyYourSay.

I’m really proud of this process because it’s what makes us a good government: We identify community need, we do the research, we talk to the community, we compromise and conceive of a mutually good outcome, and then we go and do it.

You can see the refined concept plan here – some of this will change as we do detailed design work, but it gives you a good idea of the scope of the project.

Some further information about the changes:

Macdonaldtown Station

Staff amended the design to address concerns about the interaction between pedestrians and cyclists at MacDonaldtown Station, including a separated cycleway at the station a space for cyclists to stop at the end of Leamington Lane and good line of sight between pedestrians exiting the station and cyclists in the stop zone. We have also committed to measures to slow cyclists from Leamington Lane.


The amended recommendation also includes plans to offset loss of parking through changes to Randle Street and Holdsworth Street. In addition, the recommendation includes consulting with the community on drop-off zones outside Carriageworks and Ivy Street.

We always aim to minimise on-street parking losses, but the benefit in terms of reduced transport congestion, increased transport choice, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved community health and amenity more than justifies the loss of parking spaces.

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