Working with the community to provide more transport options

On Monday, Council's Environment and Heritage Committee will consider extending the Kent Street cycleway to make riding between central Sydney, North Sydney and the inner west safer.

The separated cycleway on Kent Street currently ends at Druitt Street. It's a key route in Sydney's bike network, providing a connection for riders from the Anzac Bridge through Pyrmont to the Harbour Bridge. The proposed extension takes the cycleway up to Liverpool Street providing a much needed route to Chinatown and, via Darling Harbour, the inner west.

The safety of all road users, particularly children, is paramount and that's why we have worked closely with the school and parent representatives over many months, as well as the wider community. We have carefully considered safety advice from independent consultants to manage the risks associated with pedestrians, motorists and bike riders to ensure everyone can co-exist safely.

The proposal to be considered by Committee involves drop-off parking for the school and loading zones for the George Street cinema precinct adjacent to the cycleway. Design adjustments, as well as on-site safety measures provided by St Andrews Cathedral School, mean students will be able to cross the cycleway to enter the school.

The Kent Street cycleway and other safe cycling paths in the City are being used by more bike riders every day. The number of people riding bicycles on Kent Street has increased by 90 per cent in twelve months, with 778 riders using Kent Street in November 2010 and 1518 riders using the cycleway in January this year.

The City's research shows that people will cycle more often if they are separated from traffic and this has also been proven in cities around the world. The second stage of the Kent Street cycleway is one more important link in the network that will connect the city centre to communities around Sydney.


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