World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day - a chance to reflect on the huge challenges we face to protect our planet and find ways to live sustainably.

Yet the political landscape is full of dramatic pledges to do less, not more.

In NSW a rewrite of the planning laws would wipe out the need to take 'ecological sustainability' into account. The new planning system makes no mention climate change.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is reversing legislation which had stopped land clearing across more than two million hectares of the state, destroying another chance to slow climate change.

And the Federal Opposition Leader has made what he called a 'pledge in blood' to remove the price on carbon put in place just two years ago.

Political will power to fight climate change is melting away faster than an iceberg in the Arctic.

Against this backdrop, average levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide passed 400 parts per million for the first time in 3 million years - long before humans existed.

At the City of Sydney, we are taking action. We're testing new ideas to reduce our impact. Some will work, some won't - but it's only through bold ideas and dedication to taking action that we can make a difference.

World Environment Day is the perfect time to tell your politicians you expect them to focus more on your long term survival and less on their short term survival.

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