Your donations make this campaign possible

This week I released a summary of all donations we have received for the 2012 Local Government election campaign.

Thank you very much for your support! Together we have raised an amazing $175,000 to run our campaign.

I've contested 12 elections and this is the largest amount we've ever raised for a campaign. It's a massive endorsement from the community and I am overwhelmed by the support we've received.

We don't have the war chests that the big parties pull out for elections, instead we start from scratch at each election and rely heavily on community volunteers and donations.

Our results show that we've been able to raise most of our funding through small individual donations and community fundraisers. These donations make it possible for us to print fliers and 'How To Vote' cards, make t-shirts and run a campaign office.

The most common donation was $50, with three quarters (73%) of donations less than $200. The largest donation has been $2200. The smallest is $5.

I strongly believe the community has a right to know exactly who and what they are voting for and that's why I am publicly disclosing my donations a year before they are actually due.

Under the current law candidates are only obliged to make their donations public a year after the election. I think the public should know ahead of an election just who is financing a campaign - is it the community or are vested interests involved?

I have called on all other local government candidates to declare their reportable donations ahead of this Saturday's election so that voters can make an informed decision.

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