Your last chance to enrol to vote

If you care about the future of our city, make sure you can have your say at the upcoming City of Sydney Council election.

It is essential that your enrolment details are up to date. The electoral roll closes on 30 July, which means you only have a few days left to make sure your details are correct.

Visit to see how you can update your details.

At each election for the City of Sydney Council, about 50% of eligible voters are new to the area or voting for the first time. Are you one of them?

On election day (Saturday 8 September) our Independent Team needs as much support as possible. The progressive, tolerant and successful city you've helped create could be under threat.

If you have friends, colleagues or family who have recently moved to the City of Sydney - now is the time to ask them if they can vote.

Please email this information to them and encourage them to visit so that they too can help decide the future of our city.

Your support has meant that we've been able to build award-winning libraries and pools, create beautiful new parks and open spaces, upgrade our main streets, see small bars flourish and improve on Sydney's great reputation for events, culture and the arts.
If you want this work to continue please make sure you can vote in the City of Sydney on Election Day.

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