Youth Week in the City

The annual Youth Week in the City festival starts this Friday with the "Centre Stage" under-18s dance party at The Studio, Sydney Opera House. The drug and alcohol free dance party includes DJ's, music performers, dance battles and live art.

The City's Youth Week festival allows us to recognise the significant contribution young people make to our community.

Throughout the year they are coming up with creative projects, making things happen and having a positive involvement in the community. This week is our chance to celebrate and reward them.

The City will be helping to put their imagination, creativity and inspiration on the agenda by hosting 10-days of celebrations, films and events.

The Betty Makin Youth Awards, which recognise some of Sydney's youngest high achievers in four categories (Contribution to the community; Environmental sustainability initiative; Creativity, arts and culture; and Young entrepreneur) will be held at Redfern Town Hall on Tuesday 17 April.

All nominees will be presented with an award and one individual from each category will be awarded a $500 scholarship to help them achieve their goals.

We will be hosting a sports day with the Sydney Kings at the KGV Recreation Centre in The Rocks on Thursday 19 April. Visitors can also see what it's like to play wheelchair basketball, with game organised by Wheelchair Sports NSW.

There'll also be free lunch, live music and other entertainment.

From Friday until 27 April the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre in Chippendale will be hosting free exhibitions, classes and events on visual arts, design, film, performance art and music.

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